Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Resource Pools and Master files

MS Project ™ has the capability to provide you with a global view of all the projects that are being run within your organisation. This is using the Master Project file and linking all projects to a central resource pool that will update resources allocation when applied to project work and assits with viewing resource workload to plan your task allocation appropriately.

Once you have created a resource pool file you can link it to other project files, and each project file that uses resources from the resource pool is called a sharing file. When you share resources, the resource pool overwrites resource information in the sharing files by default if there any conflicting information.

What are the benefits of this functionality? Creating one resource pool allows you to create a master file that amalgamates the portfolio of projects into one file so you can report on resources, project timelines, costs and many other functions depending on what information you are trying to track over the reporting period .

The establishment of the resource pool and the creation of your project plans are important and involve the correct information technology set up including the version of MS Project ™ you are running on computers.

To learn more about this method and how you can manipulate tables, reports and views and more can be found in the mbh training one day MS Project ™ courses.

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